Fear – The Double Edge Sword

whether it is real or imagined

Fear – The Double Edge Sword double-edge-sword

Fear is an unpleasant feeling; it is perceived risk or danger – whether it is real or imagined.

Fear tells me I am not smart enough, says it is too late to change, says why bother you, aren’t going to do it right anyway, and the list goes on. Deciding to take action is the other side of fear. The side of fear that tells me “Don’t forget you must do this perfectly or else” and tells me to think of what they will think if it isn’t perfect. By the way, who are they? They are the imaginary grandstands of people just waiting to judge you.

What are your voices telling you? What is fear saying to you?

Are you thinking it is time to improve a part of your life? Time to get back to the gym, eat healthy, work on your relationships, save money, look for a new job, quit your job or start a business. Is your fear of failure stopping you? Are you afraid you won’t be perfect?

Our brains like to keep us safe. It says, “Hey, don’t move outside your familiar/comfort zone, stay right where you are.” We all have the voices, the fears, which have been working in your life for many years telling you the lie, “you can’t.” How the heck can we ever get ahead in life? How do we finally stop living in fear?

First things first – When fear crops up, notice what is going on. What is the perceived risk or danger?

Is it, “I am not smart enough to…”? What this is really saying, “I don’t know how to yet.” This may be true, but you can learn, you are smart enough to know that. Beyond being “smart” is having the courage to take the first step, to try, to start whatever it is you haven’t because fear has held you back.

Wow, just writing this I feel inspired and I am going to take a step forward. The funny thing is, the first step is the hardest of all, the second is easier, and as you move forward it becomes much easier.

Try this out for a while, I guarantee you will start getting the results you want.

P.S. If those pesky thoughts that keep you off track continue – yell at them, tell them to go away, I am now in charge and we are moving forward.