Who isĀ Charlie Collins?


charliecollinsIn a nutshell, Charlie Collins is the Founder and CEO of both Vision Dynamics and CCI (Charlie Collins International). He is a well-respected motivational speaker, Certified Professional Success Coach and published author who inspires people to live with clear vision. Once you meet him, though, you will instantly realize he is so much more.

Charlie is a leader – a visionary who leads in bold and unconventional ways.

Charlie is a pioneer – his entrepreneurial spirit combined with his personal struggles with adversity have led to industry-changing business accomplishments.

Charlie is an innovator – a walking bank of fresh ideas who constantly evolves his thinking and strategies to adapt to an everchanging world.

Charlie is energetic – he is dynamic, adventurous, inspirational and engaging His energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

And Charlie wants to lead you on your journey to MaximEyes your potential.

What is the MaximEyes Advantage?

No matter how good a person’s eyesight is, we all have “blind spots!” In fact, one of Charlie’s key concepts is that we all lose our “true vision” when we block ourselves with negative thinking patterns. Even people with perfect eyesight can’t see their way to creating a happy life for themselves until they put their thoughts to work for them, instead of against them. MaximEyes-ing is about shining a light on these blind spots, whether physical or metaphorical, and making them work to enhance your goals. It is about seeing all areas of your life and career with 20/20 introspection and self-understanding.

Who can benefit from the MaximEyes Advantage?

Any individual or business leader who is ready to identify their strengths and turn their perceived obstacles into advantages and operate out of them daily. As a business consultant, Charlie can help any sales or marketing team identify and maximize their brand advantage. As a keynote speaker, Charlie can provide easy strategies that can be implemented immediately to set you on the right path to take action achieve any goals.

Who is MaximEyesing?

Charlie has worked with individuals in the following industries: Industry, Automobile, Organic Food, Health Care and College. Just to name a few!

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